The meet-up for Raspberry Pi enthusiasts 

10th November 2018 10am - 1pm

Share your creations or learn about the amazing Raspberry Pi at the home of the world's first computer: The National Museum of Computing, Bletchley Park

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What is a Raspberry Jam?

A friendly, informal gathering of people interested in this amazing computer.  A forum for sharing knowledge and experience (and having some fun too).

Whether your a hobbyist with a cool new project, a teacher looking for ideas on using the Pi in the classroom, a kid who's looking to get started with coding or a complete newbie who wants some help and advice, this is the place to come.

What happens?

What happens at a Raspberry Jam?

Show-and-Tells - Talks - Workshops - Socialising

Our first meetup of the new era of Raspberry Jams in Milton Keynes was a show and tell. Lots of people brought cool stuff and showed it off, amazing and inspiring visitors.

When is it?
MK Jam - 10th November 2018 10am-1pm

It's a FIREWORKS special! Make a fireworks-related project and win a prize. More details soon. We'll also be having a talk and workshop.

Where is it?
Home of the world's first computer

The National Museum of Computing

Based in world-famous Bletchley Park, TNMoC houses an extensive range of computers including Colossus, WITCH (the world's oldest computer) and many of the Raspberry Pi's distant relative, the BBC Micro. Make a day of it and see the museum after the Jam!

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Venue Information

The National Museum of Computing has kindly offered to host our event. Please do not contact them directly with any enquires about the Jam. These should always go to the organisers.

The venue is on a single floor and fully accessible to wheelchairs

A small café is available on-site and will be open after the event

Block H, Bletchley Park Bletchley, Milton Keynes MK3 6EB

01908 374708

September 2017

This time we introduced two workshops, both oversubscribed. Along with our regular show-and-tell we had a great time with over 60 attendees.

Check Out The Video From Our July Jam

In July, over 40 people got together at The National Museum of Computing to celebrate the Raspberry Pi (and a few of its friends). Thanks to Mark Vanstone for making this video.

November 2017

The return of Coretec's Pi Noon robots, a giant Micro:Bit a drop-in workshops with CamJam's EduKits and Mark taught some eager students how to code their own racing game.

MK Jam 15th July

All photos courtesy Mark Vanstone. Please do not reuse without permission.
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